LIDA Announces 2011-12 Season

As The LIDA Project enters its 17th season of producing groundbreaking and provocative work, we are proud to announce our 2011-12 season in our new performance facility, The Laundry on Lawrence (2701 Lawrence Street, Denver CO).

Justin Bieber Meets Al Qaeda
09 September – 08 October 2011

A collaborative devised work directed by Brian Freeland.

This original LIDA collaborative work inspired by Max Fritch’s The Firebugs and Albert Camus’s The Just, focuses on American pop culture and attitudes a decade after the Al Qaeda attacks on the United States. This theatrical editorial promises to be one of the most irreverent, bombastic, and controversial examinations of American politics and culture to hit Denver audiences in years.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
2 December – 17 December 2011

A collaborative devised work with directors Brian Freeland, Josh Hartwell, Jaime Lujan, Brenda Cook Ritenour, Thomas Sheridan & Kenny Storms.

A 6-part meditation on health, care, mortality and dying in the United States. This epic will be created in a unique collaboration between the LIDA Project and a group of guest directors providing a broad and diverse theatrical voice. The work is environmentally designed and will be performed in private residences with limited seating for an intimate audience. The piece will be performed over separate evenings.

4 May – 2 June 2012

An original adaptation of the book by Elis Canetti by The LIDA Project & Rebecca Gorman. Directed by Brian Freeland.

A twisted creation developed by The LIDA Project ensemble, playwright Rebecca Gorman, and director Brian Freeland. Manipulations of darkness and light and juxtapositions of ghastly imagery help to re-imagine Canetti’s breakthrough 1935 work about a lone recluse and his infinite library of books.

“A warning against the idea that ‘rigid, dissociated intellectualism and detached, dogmatic scholarship can prevail over evil, chaos, and destruction‘.” – Lisa Hill

The Dream of the Circumcised Brain
July 2012

A collaborative devised work by The LIDA Project.

The LIDA Project launches the first iPhone/Android interactive smart phone app/play. This app/play will be in the vein of the traditional radio drama as played and executed through smart phone technology. The drama will utilize GPS technology, audio playback, and recording capabilities to allow the audience to have a self or group guided experience within the streets of Denver.

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