Prison / Street / Prison

Prison / Street / Prison (2013)

Prison / Street / Prison (2013)

Prison / Street / Prison
an original collaboration between RedLine, The LIDA Project, & The SOURCE Theatre Co.*

As part of Redline Denver’s exhibit, Not Exactly: Between home and where I find myself, The LIDA Project & SOURCE Theatre artistic directors Brian Freeland & Hugo Sayles created a first hand testimonial work giving voice to the connection between homelessness and incarceration.

Production History
June 13 – 29, 2013 : RedLine :: Denver, CO

Media Coverage
Cycles of Street to Prison address the line between homelessness and incarceration – Westword
The Art of Homelessness – Westword

The Company
Direction: Brian Freeland / Hugo Jon Sayles
Lighting Design: Kenrick Fischer
Scenic Design: David Lafont
Projection Design: Brian Freeland
Sound Design: William Burns / Max Peterson
Not Exactly Curators: Chad Kautzer / Robin Gallite

Jeff Campbell
Corin Chavez
Tim Johnson
Parnell McGee
Lorenzo Sariñana
Kenny Storms


* Development collaborators:  Jeff Campbell, Corin Chavez, Brian Freeland, Tim Johnson, Parnell McGee, Lorenzo Sariñana, Hugo Jon Sayles, & Kenny Storms