Eighty-Four (1997).

Eighty-Four (1997).


This tale of the ultimate “Negative Utopia” paints a grim future filled with Double-speak, Telescreens, Thought Police, and the ever watchful eyes of Big Brother. Written in 1948 this adaptation connects Orwell’s warning of the future to the ever changing face of modern technology and current society.

Production History
October 24 – November 29, 1997 : The LIDA Project Theatre :: Denver, CO
January 9 – 31, 1998 : Studio 44 :: Denver, CO

Best Experimental Theatre Production (1997) – Westword
Top 10 productions of 1997 – The Rocky Mountain News
Best New Play (Brian Freeland) – Denver Drama Critics Circle Award Nomination
Best Direction of a Play (Brian Freeland) – Denver Drama Critics Circle Award Nomination

The Company
Direction: Brian Freeland
Assistant Direction: Nils Ivan Swanson
Stage Management: Tara M.E. Thompson
Lighting / Projection Design: Brian Freeland
Scenic Design: Brian Freeland
Sound Design / Original Music: Jeremiah Lyman Moore
Properties: Brian Houtz

Winston: Guy Williams
Mother / Prostitute: Debra Shirley
Young Winston: Colin Smith
O’Brien: Gregory Ward
Julia: Catherine E. Worster
Syme: Brian E. Lewis
Charrington: John Shupp
Thought Police / Party Worker: Sean C. Vernon
Thought Police / Bartender: Nils Ivan Swanson
Telescreen Voice: Tara M.E. Thompson
Big Brother: Dan Hiester
Activities Director: Kathryn Gray
Emanuel Goldstein: Terry Burnsed

Kurt Cobain Was Right

Kurt Cobain Was Right (1997).

Nils Ivan Swanson, Dan Hiester, and Cody Alexander. Kurt Cobain Was Right (1997).

Kurt Cobain Was Right
by Don Becker

Mass suicides, dominance and bondage, global disaster, and a murdered cat…

Production History
January 10 – February 16, 1997 : The Acoma Center :: Denver, CO

The Company
Direction: Dan Hiester
Stage Manager: Nils Ivan Swanson
Producer: Brian Freeland
Scenic Design: Dennis Bontems
Sound Design: David Schmitz
Costume Design: Katharine Guthrie
Lighting Design: Dennis Bontems
Publicity: Melanie Mayner

Dan Hiester: Ford Landers /Charles Horse
Mary Gay Sullivan: Mrs. Landers / Nurse
Nils Ivan Swanson: Schaffer / Blake Horse
Holly Wasinger: General /Dakota Horse
Cody Alexander: Mo Gleckman / Mo Horse