Hamletmachine (1997)

Catherine E. Worster and Nils Ivan Swanson in Hamletmachine (1997). Photo by Eric Weber.

by Heiner Müller

From the mind of the late Heiner Müller comes this elegantly deconstructed treatment of the Hamlet myth, placed at the fall of Communism and the dawn of the new Millennium.

Production History
April 18 – May 11, 1997 : The LIDA Project Theatre :: Denver, CO

Best Experimental Theatre Production, Best of Westword 1997

The Company
Direction: Brian Freeland
Lighting Design: Brian Freeland
Sound Design: Brian Freeland
Scenic Design: Brian Freeland
Costume Design: Katharine Guthrie

Paul Cure: Father / Polonius / Hamlet 3
Katharine Guthrie: Horatio
Brian E. Lewis: Laertes / Hamlet 2
Nils Ivan Swanson: Hamlet 1
Tara M.E. Thompson: Gertrude / Lenin
Catherine E. Worster: Ophelia / Marx


Kurt Cobain Was Right

Kurt Cobain Was Right (1997).

Nils Ivan Swanson, Dan Hiester, and Cody Alexander. Kurt Cobain Was Right (1997).

Kurt Cobain Was Right
by Don Becker

Mass suicides, dominance and bondage, global disaster, and a murdered cat…

Production History
January 10 – February 16, 1997 : The Acoma Center :: Denver, CO

The Company
Direction: Dan Hiester
Stage Manager: Nils Ivan Swanson
Producer: Brian Freeland
Scenic Design: Dennis Bontems
Sound Design: David Schmitz
Costume Design: Katharine Guthrie
Lighting Design: Dennis Bontems
Publicity: Melanie Mayner

Dan Hiester: Ford Landers /Charles Horse
Mary Gay Sullivan: Mrs. Landers / Nurse
Nils Ivan Swanson: Schaffer / Blake Horse
Holly Wasinger: General /Dakota Horse
Cody Alexander: Mo Gleckman / Mo Horse