Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Happiness is a Warm Gun (2014)

Happiness is a Warm Gun (2014)

Happiness Is A Warm Gun
a devised work of The LIDA Project

This six-part performance exploration of gun culture and violence deconstructs the American gun debate. From freedom to fear, our complex relationship with firearms, and the role they play in our society is one of the most polarizing issues of our generation. From the inside it has become a cornerstone of the ideological “Culture War” with players on both sides staking uncompromising positions, making broad claims and dehumanizing anyone who may disagree with their perspective. From the outside it looks like a high-stakes game being played by people with endless resources, who play loose with the rules and only let you play if you buy into their brand.

It is a game.

A trivial pursuit where we chase one another around in circles gathering facts and assembling parts and pieces in a race to win the grand prize- the right to call our opponent wrong. The right to call ourselves true american.

This is where the LIDA Project’s exploration begins. With a circle…

“We’re losing that level of intimacy in American theater. The fourth wall is becoming a fourth cinderblock wall where that connection with the audience isn’t as tangible as it used to be.”
– Tommy Sheridan

Production History
October 10 – December 20, 2014 : site specific residences :: Denver, CO

Media Coverage
LIDA Project performances bring gun discussions into living rooms – The Denver Post
The LIDA Project takes aim with Happiness is a Warm Gun – Westword

The Company (Direction)
Carol Bloom
Robin Davies
Nancy Flanagan
Sinjin Jones
Erika Kae
Tommy Sheridan
Kenny Storms

Kenneth Berba
Logan Custer
Dell Domnik
Caty Herrick
Sinjin Jones
Erika Kae
Ren Kolozak
Iona Leighton
Jihad Milhem
J. Edward Nelson
Ben Turk
Madison Ritter


The Works

Part I: Raw
Three soldiers from different eras in American history find themselves on common ground as they explore the existential reasons for their meeting. Directed by Carol Bloom with performances by Ren Kolozak, Jihad Milhem, Ben Turk, & Madison Ritter.

Part II: The Happy Couple
The Gods intervene in this chapter to manipulate a couple who believe their lust for power entitles them to happiness. Drected by Nancy Flanagan with performances by Dell Domnik, Caty Herrick, Iona Leighton, & J. Edward Nelson.

Part III: Kamikaze
Reality TV comes to the living room with this high-energy work about sensationalism and extremes. Directed by Sinjin Jones with performances by Caty Herrick, Sinjin Jones, Ren Kolozak, & Madison Ritter.

Part IV: Mind the Machina
A young man is trying to discover the keys to a better life and takes a journey into a world of madness. Directed by Erika Kae with performances by Kenneth Berba, Logan Custer, Iona Leighton, & Ben Turk.

Part V: Between The Middle
Two people attempt to play a game of chess but mistrust leads to a debate on rules and strategy. Directed by Kenny Storms with performances by Caty Herrick, Erika Kae, & Ben Turk.

Part VI: Beep
Following a tragic event, a couple struggles to reconcile personal beliefs with reality. Directed by Robin Davies with performances by Dell Domnik, Iona Leighton, and J. Edward Nelson.