Watershed (Part I): The Sea Is Not Full

Watershed (Part I: The Sea Is Not Full) (2013).

Watershed (Part I: The Sea Is Not Full) (2013).

Watershed (Part I: The Sea Is Not Full)
a devised work of The LIDA Project*

The first part of a modern performance fantasy that looks at the character of water in a world of radically changing politics and climate. This meta-media work combines elemental water, high tech projection, and human performance that pushes the boundaries of performance presentation and political theatre.

“The nature of the performing arts tends to shy away from topics of environmental concern and a political nature. Artists have the opportunity to make a point and spark important conversations.”
– Brian Freeland

Production History
July 10 – 13, 2013 : The King Center :: Denver, CO

Media Coverage
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The Company
Direction: Brian Freeland
Text Design: Jeannene Bragg
Stage Manager: Kristen Littlepage
Costume Design: Jeannene Bragg
Lighting Design: Jacob M. Welch
Master Electrician: Kenrick Fischer
Projection Design: Brian Freeland / Tammy Williams
Scenic Design: David Lafont w/ Alex Polzin
Sound Design: Brian Freeland / Anson Nicholson

Rhea Amos, Terry Burnsed, Alexander Tate Freeland, Michelle Hurtubise, Jaime Lujan, Matthew Schultz, Miriam BC Tobin, Clio Torbenson, Dane Torbenson, Tian Torbenson, Allyxandra Townend & Ryan Wuestewald



This production was created with the support and collaboration of Metropolitan State University.

* Development collaborators:  Rhea Amos, Jeannene Bragg, Terry Burnsed, Brian Freeland, Michelle Hurtubise, Kristen Littlepage, Laura Lounge, Jaime Lujan, Matthew Schultz, Miriam BC Tobin, Allyxandra Townend, & Ryan Wuestewald.