Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Brian L. Upton as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2002). Photo: James Bevins

Brian L. Upton as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2002). Photo: James Bevins

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Book by John Cameron Mitchell / Music & Lyrics by Stephen Trask

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is the story of a sad and lonely East German girly-boy turned rock diva. In this truly unique theatrical evening the audience follows Hedwig, as her halfhearted angry-inched sex change frees her from communist East Berlin and into the spotlight headlining for her gender-bent band The Angry Inch. Looking and sounding like a cross between Ziggy Stardust and Farah Fawcett, this glam rock diva takes no prisoners in a show Rolling Stone declares “The first rock musical that truly rocks.”

“My sex change operation got botched; my guardian angel fell asleep on the watch; now all I got is a Barbie doll crotch; I’ve got an angry inch!”

Production History
October 4 – November 16, 2002 : The Wave :: Denver, CO
November 22, 2002 – March 22, 2003 :The Climax Lounge :: Denver, CO

Best Rock Concert of 2002 – The Denver Post
Ovation Award Nomination – Best Musical – The Denver Post
Ovation Award Nomination – Best Actor in a Musical, Brian Upton – The Denver Post
Best Production of 2002 – The Rocky Mountain News

The Company
Direction: Chris Tabb
Musical Direction: Colin Bricker
Producers: Brian Freeland, Jen Giannini, Melanie Mayner
Production Manager: Melanie Mayner
Stage Management: Bucy
Asst. Stage Management: Jen Paulson
Lighting Design: Robin Miranda
Production Design: Brook Nichols
Projection Design: Brian Freeland
Costume Design: Gina Penka
Crew: Ginny Crawford / Joaquin Leibert

Brian L. Upton: Hedwig
Sara Mykin Casperson: Yitzak

The Angry Inch
Colin Bricker
Kit Peltzel
Marty Pullam
John Rasmussen



Family Stories: Belgrade

Family Stories: Belgrade (2002) . Photo by Jacob M. Welch.

Family Stories: Belgrade (2002) . Photo by Jacob M. Welch.

Family Stories: Belgrade
by Biljana Srbljanovic (translated by Rebecca Ann Rugg)

Set in the desolate projects of 1998 Belgrade, Family Stories: Belgrade portrays a child’s surreal war-time game of “house”. In the wasteland of a country devastated by an unfinished war, four children expose the violence of a society and ultimately a family at war.

Production History
May 17 – June 29, 2002 : BINDERY | space :: Denver, CO

Best Supporting Actor (Chris Tabb), Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination
Best Productions of 2002 list, The Rocky Mountain News

The Company
Direction: Brian Freeland
Assistant Direction: Nya Watkins / Cristofer Lix
Lighting Design: Jacob M. Welch
Scenic Design: The LIDA Project
Sound Design: Paul Cure
Fight Choreography: Dane Torbenson
Producers: Jeannene Bragg / Melanie Mayner

Ensemble (alphabetical order)
Vojin: Robin Davies
Andrija: Chris Tabb
Nadezda: Mare Trevathan
Milena: Kelley Wade


Brother Mine

Brother Mine
by Eric C. Dente

Brother Mine is the compelling story of a young African-American man struggling to find his own cultural identity in a world of conflicting ideals.  Malcolm, adopted and raised by a loving Caucasian family, deals with pressure from his natural father to reject his upbringing and embrace his own heritage.  In the midst of this struggle he faces the possibility that his pregnant girlfriend may choose to terminate his progeny, while his drug addicted brother threatens to destroy the only family he has ever known.  As Malcolm strives to hold his world together, he finds himself walking the thin line between separatism and racism. Brother Mine explores the strength of family in our uncertain and often divisive society, and ultimately celebrates parenthood and humanity.

Production History
February 2, 2002- March 2, 2002 : BINDERY | space :: Denver, CO

Direction: Chris Tabb
Stage Management: Melissa Palovich
Production Management:  Brian Freeland
Associate Production Management: Melanie Mayner
Lighting Design: Jacob M. Welch
Sound Design: Chris Tabb
Scenic Design: Brian Freeland
Scenic Painter: Paul Sanchez
Publicity: Melanie Mayner

David Pinckney: Malcolm
David C. Riley: Anthony
Chris Hampton: Young Malcolm
Laurence A. Curry: Darrell
Vanessa Lunnon: Searrie
Frederick D. Katona: Ben
Jennifer Robbins: Kyrssi
Justin Thompson: Eddie
Kurt Soderstrom: Kenneth
Margaret Amateis Casart: Sarah
Kw Brock Johnson: Raymond