Family Stories: Belgrade

Family Stories: Belgrade (2002) . Photo by Jacob M. Welch.

Family Stories: Belgrade (2002) . Photo by Jacob M. Welch.

Family Stories: Belgrade
by Biljana Srbljanovic (translated by Rebecca Ann Rugg)

Set in the desolate projects of 1998 Belgrade, Family Stories: Belgrade portrays a child’s surreal war-time game of “house”. In the wasteland of a country devastated by an unfinished war, four children expose the violence of a society and ultimately a family at war.

Production History
May 17 – June 29, 2002 : BINDERY | space :: Denver, CO

Best Supporting Actor (Chris Tabb), Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination
Best Productions of 2002 list, The Rocky Mountain News

The Company
Direction: Brian Freeland
Assistant Direction: Nya Watkins / Cristofer Lix
Lighting Design: Jacob M. Welch
Scenic Design: The LIDA Project
Sound Design: Paul Cure
Fight Choreography: Dane Torbenson
Producers: Jeannene Bragg / Melanie Mayner

Ensemble (alphabetical order)
Vojin: Robin Davies
Andrija: Chris Tabb
Nadezda: Mare Trevathan
Milena: Kelley Wade



Our Town

Our Town (2001). Photo: Eric Weber

Sara Casperson & Brian E. Lewis in Our Town (2001). Photo: Eric Weber

Our Town
by Thornton Wilder

Production History
September 14 – October 20, 2001: BINDERY | space :: Denver, CO

The Company
Direction: Brian Freeland
Assistant Direction: kryssi wyckoff martin
Stage Management: Brandy Qualls
Movement / Choreography: Robin Davies
Scenic Design: Brian Freeland
Lighting Design: Brian Billings
Sound Design: Jeremiah Lyman Moore
Costume Design: Carrie Wyatt
Publicity: Melanie Mayner

David C. Riley: Stage Manager
Dane Torbenson: Dr. Gibbs
Nancy Flanagan: Mrs. Gibbs
Brian E. Lewis: George Gibbs
Alexandra Trow: Rebecca Gibbs
Brian Thompson: Mr. Webb
Karen Kargel: Mrs. Webb
Chandler Gibbons: Wally Webb
Sara Casperson: Emily Webb
Dan Mundell:Professor Willard
Kelley Wade: Mrs. Soames
Robin Davies: Constable Warren
Chris Hampton: Si Crowell/Joe Crowell, Jr.
James Christian Villarreal: Howie Newsome
Dell Domnik: Simon Stimson
Thomas O’Connor: Joe Stoddard
Cristofer Lix: Sam Craig
Josh Hicks: Baseball Player
Tamara Bradley: Chorus
Tami Canaday: Chorus
Haley Gibbons: Chorus
Carrie Wyatt: Chorus