The Skriker

Mare Trevathan as The Skriker (2002). Photo by Brian Freeland

Mare Trevathan as The Skriker (2002). Photo by Brian Freeland.

The Skriker

by Caryl Churchill

Production History
August 30 – September 28, 2002: BINDERY | space :: Denver, CO

Best Experimental Theatre Production Out Front
Best Actor in an Experimental Role (Mare Trevathan) – Out Front
Ovation Award Nomination – Best Actress (Mare Trevathan) – The Denver Post
Best Actress in a Drama (Mare Trevathan) – Westword

The Company
Direction: Ian Tresselt
Stage Mangement: Anna Makman
Dramaturg: Jennifer French
Movement / Choreography: Robin Davies
Scenic Design: David Castellano
Costume Design: David Castellano
Mask Design: Kay Casperson / Robin Davies
Lighting Design: Jacob M. Welch
Sound Design:  Brian Freeland / Ian Tresselt
Producer: Brian Freeland

Ensemble (alphabetical order)
Green Lady / Jennie Greenteeth: Tamara Bradley
Woman with Kelpie / Hag / Grand Daughter: Kay Casperson
Josie: Emily Paton Davies
Nellie Longarms / Springgan: Robin Davies
Rawheadandbloodybones / Dark Fairy / Bogle: Valter Foschini
Girl with Telescope / Lost Girl / Great Great Grand Daughter: Anita Harkess
Black Annis / Dead Child: Misha Johnson
Lily: Megan Meek
Kelpie / Fair Fairy: Joseph A. Norton
Skriker: Mare Trevathan
Johnny Squarefoot / Brownie: Kevin Schreiber
Understudy for Lily: Kelley Wade
Man with Cloth and Bucket: Ken Witt

Family Stories: Belgrade

Family Stories: Belgrade (2002) . Photo by Jacob M. Welch.

Family Stories: Belgrade (2002) . Photo by Jacob M. Welch.

Family Stories: Belgrade
by Biljana Srbljanovic (translated by Rebecca Ann Rugg)

Set in the desolate projects of 1998 Belgrade, Family Stories: Belgrade portrays a child’s surreal war-time game of “house”. In the wasteland of a country devastated by an unfinished war, four children expose the violence of a society and ultimately a family at war.

Production History
May 17 – June 29, 2002 : BINDERY | space :: Denver, CO

Best Supporting Actor (Chris Tabb), Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination
Best Productions of 2002 list, The Rocky Mountain News

The Company
Direction: Brian Freeland
Assistant Direction: Nya Watkins / Cristofer Lix
Lighting Design: Jacob M. Welch
Scenic Design: The LIDA Project
Sound Design: Paul Cure
Fight Choreography: Dane Torbenson
Producers: Jeannene Bragg / Melanie Mayner

Ensemble (alphabetical order)
Vojin: Robin Davies
Andrija: Chris Tabb
Nadezda: Mare Trevathan
Milena: Kelley Wade