Mouse In A Jar

Trina Magness (Ma) in Martyna Majok's Mouse in a Jar. (2010)

Trina Magness (Ma) in Martyna Majok’s Mouse in a Jar. (2010)

Mouse in a Jar
by Martyna Majok

We see a mother on a leash. We see the bruises. We smell the meat burn. We hear a crash, a thrash. We know the Man in Boots is coming. We know the daughter is out there. We know there is something scrounging in the shadows.Mouse in a Jar is a horror story packed full of oddities and underground life forms. This is Stockholm Syndrome. This is the impossible grace of bondage. This is subterranean punk; acts of desperation required.

Production History
April 23 – May 29, 2010 : BINDERY | space :: Denver, CO

Best Actress in a Drama (Trina Magness), Westword
Actress in a Dramatic Role (Trina Magness) – Denver Post Ovation Award
Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Role (Kelleen Shadow) – Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination
Scenic Design (Nick Kargel) – Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination
Lighting Design (Steven J. Diedel) – Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination
Sound Design (Brian Freeland) – Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination

Media Coverage
Horror captured like a mouse in a jar, The Denver Post
LIDA presents, Mouse In A Jar, The Metropolitan
‘Mouse in a Jar’ is not horror but it’s certainly scary, The Examiner

The Company
Direction: Julie Rada
Asst. Direction: Lanie Reel
Scenic Design: Nicholas Kargel
Lighting / Projection Design: Steven J. Deidel
Associate Lighting Design: Anna R. Kaltenbach / Dan O’Neill
Video Foley Artist: Dan O’Neill
Sound Design: Brian Freeland
Costume Design: Annette Westerby
Properties Design: Julie Rada
Production Run Crew: Ryan Gaddis / Jules DuMond / Kenny Storms

Zosia: Janna Meiring
Daga: Kelleen Shadow
Ma: Trina Magness
Boy: Lorenzo Sariñana