Ludlow, 1914 (a dramatic vaudeville)

Erik Brevik in Ludlow, 1914 (a dramatic vaudeville) (2014).

Erik Brevik in Ludlow, 1914 (a dramatic vaudeville) (2014).


Ludlow, 1914 (a dramatic vaudeville)
a devised work of The LIDA Project*
presented by THEATREWORKS

It was shocking, momentous and then largely forgotten. Two dozen people were killed, including 2 women and 11 children. The Ludlow Massacre of 1914 was the most violent episode in the Colorado coal wars, which in turn was part of the deadliest strike in the history of the United States.  This post-contemporary production deconstructs the Ludlow Massacre along with contemporary issues of labor and inequality. This wild examination on the centenary of the events, creates the opportunity for audiences to explore social issues through context, both local and global.

Ludlow, 1914 is not a history lesson rather, it is a freeform exploration of the themes, both historical and current, evoked by the event: wealth inequality, worker’s rights, media bias, fossil fuel dependence. – Broadway World

Production History
September 11 – 28, 2014 : THEATREWORKS:: Colorado Springs, CO

True West Award

Media Coverage
Theatreworks and LIDA Project Explore the Forgotten History of LUDLOW, 1914
Minecraft – Colorado Springs Independent

The Company
Direction: Brian Freeland
Dramaturgy: Murray Ross
Text Design: Jeannene Bragg / Brian Freeland
Stage Management: Tim Muldrew / 
Elise Jenkins
Technical Director: Brantley Haines
Production Design: Steven J. Deidel
Scenic Design: Steven J. Deidel / Alex Polzin
Lighting Design: Steven J. Deidel / Stevie Caldarola
Projection Design: Steven J. Deidel / Ryan Gaddis
Costume Design: Betty Ross
Properties Design: Roy Ballard
Orignal Musical Composition:
Automation Programmer: G. Austin Allen

Rachel Baker, Erik Brevik, Terry Burnsed, Mark Cannon, Bruce Carter, Travis Duncan, Jack English, Sanaa Ford, Jane Fromme, David Hastings, Margaret Kasahara, Tom Paradise, Evan Slavens, Katelyn Sturt, Jeremiah Walter, Galen Westmoreland, & Micah Wilborn



* Development collaborators: Encho Avramov, Jeannene Bragg, Terry Burnsed, Steven J. Deidel, Hart DeRose, Brian Freeland, Marcie Grambeau, Jaime Lujan, Parnell McGee, Tom Paradise, Murray Ross, Tommy Sheridan, Miriam BC Tobin, and Petra Ulrich.