Ludlow, 1914 (a dramatic vaudeville)

Ludlow, 1914 (a dramatic vaudeville)
Terry Burnsed, Bruce Carter, Margaret Kasahara & Jeremiah Walter. Photo Jeff Kearney (2014).

Returning for a limited run at the LIDA Project’s work|space in late Spring 2015. 

It was shocking, momentous and then largely forgotten. Two dozen people were killed, including 2 women and 11 children. The Ludlow Massacre of 1914 was the most violent episode in the Colorado coal wars, which in turn was part of the deadliest strike in the history of the United States.  This post-contemporary production deconstructs the Ludlow Massacre along with contemporary issues of labor and inequality. This wild examination on the centenary of the events, creates the opportunity for audiences to explore social issues through context, both local and global.

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In a unique new collaboration, Ludlow, 1914 recreates the deadly labor struggle



R.U.R. / lol



Production History
15 February – 2 March 2013 ( work|space, Denver, CO)

Part text. Part noise. Part sound. Part image. All Robot.

R.U.R./lol, an original work loosely based on the 1920 Czech science-fiction play Rossum’s Universal Robots. At the end of humanity four robots remain. Through their controllers they work to protect what remains of the planet from a catastrophic event. The process leads them to question how we came to this end.

Direction by Lorenzo Sariñana
Production Design by Steven J. Deidel

Ensemble: Rhea Amos / Hart DeRose / Laura Lounge / Heidi Pachner
Controllers: Kenrick Fisher / Brian Freeland / Dustin Lacy / David Lafont / Tommy Sheridan

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Add It Up

14 September – 6 October 2012

An original interpretation by The LIDA Project inspired by the work of Elmer Rice’s 1924 drama, The Adding Machine.

* Add It Up is a remix of the 1924 Elmer Rice play The Adding Machine as interpreted by six sound, video, and performance artists from The LIDA Project.

It is sound. It is light. It is music. It is words. It is images. It is machines. It is humans. It is about love. And hate. And murder. And death. And rebirth. And dancing. And eggs.


Everything adds up as the LIDA Project embarks on its 18th season

The Company

Hart DeRose: Zero
Michelle Hurtubise: Elmer Rice
Heidi Pachner: The Boss
Lorenzo Sariñana: Daisy
Matthew Schultz: Mrs. Zero

Steven J. Deidel

Brian Freeland

Assistant Direction
Rhea Amos

Lighting Design
Steven J. Deidel / The LIDA Project

Sound Design
Lorenzo Sariñana / The LIDA Project

Hart Derose / The LIDA Project

Projection Design
Brian Freeland / The LIDA Project


Auto da Fé

11 May – 2 June 2012

An original adaptation of the book by Elias Canetti by Rebecca Gorman O’Neill. Directed by Brian Freeland.

A twisted creation developed by The LIDA Project ensemble, playwright Rebecca Gorman, and director Brian Freeland. Manipulations of darkness and light and juxtapositions of ghastly imagery help to re-imagine Canetti’s breakthrough 1935 work about a lone recluse and his infinite library of books.

“A warning against the idea that ‘rigid, dissociated intellectualism and detached, dogmatic scholarship can prevail over evil, chaos, and destruction‘.” – Lisa Hill

Auto da Fé

Auto da Fé

Justin Bieber Meets Al Qaeda

September 9 – October 8, 2011
Devised by The LIDA Project

This original LIDA collaborative work inspired by Max Fritch’s The Firebugs and Albert Camus’s The Just, focuses on American pop culture and attitudes a decade after the Al Qaeda attacks on the United States. This theatrical editorial promises to be one of the most irreverent, bombastic, and controversial examinations of American politics and culture to hit Denver audiences in years.

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Mouse In A Jar

April 23 – May 29, 2010

An original work by Martyna Majok

We see a mother on a leash. We see the bruises. We smell the meat burn. We hear a crash, a thrash. We know the Man in Boots is coming. We know the daughter is out there. We know there is something scrounging in the shadows.Mouse in a Jar is a horror story packed full of oddities and underground life forms. This is Stockholm Syndrome. This is the impossible grace of bondage. This is subterranean punk; acts of desperation required.

Awards / Recognition

Best Actress in a Drama (Trina Magness), Westword

Actress in a Dramatic Role (Trina Magness) – Denver Post Ovation Award

Supporting Actress in a Dramatic Role (Kelleen Shadow) – Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination

Scenic Design (Nick Kargel) – Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination

Lighting Design (Steven J. Diedel) – Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination

Sound Design (Brian Freeland) – Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination



Horror captured like a mouse in a jar, The Denver Post

LIDA presents, Mouse In A Jar, The Metropolitan 

‘Mouse in a Jar’ is not horror but it’s certainly scary, The Examiner


The Company

Julie Rada

Scenic Design
Nicholas Kargel

Lighting / Projection Design
Steven J. Deidel

Sound Design
Brian Freeland

Annette Westerby

Julie Rada

Assistant Stage Direction
Lanie Reel

Associate Lighting Design
Anna R. Kaltenbach / Dan O’Neill

Video Foley Artist
Dan O’Neill

Production Run Crew
Ryan Gaddis / Jules DuMond / Kenny Storms

Ensemble (Order of Appearance)

Janna Meiring

Kelleen Shadow

Trina Magness

Lorenzo Sariñana



joseph k

Dan O'Neill (Joseph K) & Josh Hartwell (Kafka) in Joseph k. Photo: Erin Preston (2009).

Dan O’Neill (Joseph K.) & Josh Hartwell (Kafka) in joseph k. Photo: Erin Preston (2009).

May 22 – June 20, 2009
an original work by Martin McGovern

Based on the writings of Franz Kafka, joseph k is a journey through the beauty and paranoia of one of the greatest literary minds in Western literature.

Best New Work (Martin McGovern) – Denver Post Ovation Award
Best Scenic Design (Brian Freeland) – Denver Post Ovation Award
Best Director of a Play (Brian Freeland) – Denver Post Ovation Award Nomination

Media Coverage
Review – The Denver Post
CULTURAMA: LIDA’s ‘joseph k’ throws gloomy shadows
Review – Colorado Drama

The Company
Direction: Brian Freeland
Assistant Director: Melanie Owen
Costume Design: Julie Rada / Annette Westerby
Lighting Design: Steven J. Deidel / Anna Kaltenbach
Master Electrician: Anshuman Bhatia
Projection Design: Steven J. Deidel
Scenic Design: Brian Freeland
Sound Design: Brian Freeland

Dan O’Neill: Joseph K
Josh Hartwell: Kafka
Brandon Kruhm: Franz
Doron Burks: Willem / Bloch
Lorenzo Sariñana: Investigator / Magistrate / Titorelli
Petra Ulrych: Frau Grubach
Elgin Kelley: Fraulein Burstner / Leni / Fraulein Montag / Urchin Girl
Julie Rada: Felice / Wife / Urchin Girl
Ken Witt: Huld
Mike Marlow: The Whipper / Ensemble
Elizabeth Parks: Ensemble